Education platform Coursera ranked Argentina with the first position in their anual index. According to the source Argentina has the top talent globally in their Technology category.


Their report mentions that, among others, the top skills in the industry are:

  • Design Thinking
  • Data Structures, focused in the Finance Industry
  • Python as the #1 Data Science skill in the Telecom Industry

Argentina achieved a 100% skill index, earning the first position globally and the leader for the countries considered as Cutting-Edge in the Technology industry. It’s closely followed by Czech Republic, Austria, Spain and Poland.

Argentina is the only country in the Cutting-Edge segment of the ranking that is in the Americas. This leaves the country in a great shape as the main technology services provider for the U.S., Mexico and Canada, the top 3 economies in the continent.

India and China, two of the top technology services exporters globally, lag way behind, and are considered as “Emerging” in this regard.


This is a great distinction for Argentina, since other Latin American countries are mostly Emerging with the exceptions of Costa Rica and Brazil, near the bottom of the Competitive segment.

While this is a well deserved recognition, there are many issues to address, such as the volatile economy and the long-term talent formation. The local government is working with the private sector to boost the formation of new professionals.