When it makes sense to outsource in a Startup

Regardless the stage in a startup, often makes sense to outsource your product construction. This in particular when founders have no technical background, or even if they have some, but without a process framework context.

Outsourcing for Startups - Basecodeit

Atlas V Launch. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls


How can an external company add value to a product?

Outsourcing companies have vast experience in Rapid Application Development, transforming ideas into new products, product improvements and/or cost savings. Nowadays, these companies collaborate each other and share experience creating a large capacity network.
On top of this, your company will have the chance to learn about product development process, that encompasses the idea conception (envisioning), discussion and construction.

Value of a good methodology

Most companies will gladly share their methodology to any startup willing to use it. There’s a mutual benefit on it, which is both parties of a technology development project are talking the same language in terms of processes. Agile methodologies can be adapted in a wild variety of ways. It must be tailored to the client’s company needs while remaining useful and powerful to us, the development team.
Whilst using a framework is necessary for products development, some practices can also be extended to the startup processes, helping the company on defining a workflow, setting up priorities and receiving early feedback.
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